Chetak synonymous with Maharana Pratap from Rajasthan is known for its valour and heroism. Fastest in speed and ready to serve his master he used his entire strength to save him, setting new realms of loyalty towards his master.

Bound to the same tradition and qualities that 'Chetak' the horse signifies 'The Chetak Group' is formed on the same lines and uses the galloping horse as their logo. The red colour of the horse signifies young thoughts and passion to deliver.

Chetak dedicatedly follows the 5 'S' :
  • Service - always ready to serve their customers round the clock 24X7.
  • Speed - to deliver the consignments to the final destination at the earliest.
  • Safety - consignments are delivered to customers in 'intact' condition.
  • Strength - usage of resources and a well-knit team to meet the customer's commitment.
  • Steadfastness - dedicated to complete loyalty and building long term associations and partnerships.

At Chetak, we believe in surpassing the benchmarks established to create with innovation new paradigms in logistics and endeavour to redefine new horizons of logistic industry.