Chetak is able to combine volumes from different origins and consolidate them into one final delivery to the consignee. This means you can reduce storage costs, improve transport economy by consolidating into one 'large' shipment, and reduce inventory costs by streamlining the flow from the supplier.

Distribution services are core to a robust Logistics solution and play an ever increasing role in fast moving and competitive arena where goods to market speed are in themselves a competitive advantage.

We integrate control room and field operating personnel to monitoring and control the entire distribution system. Our IT solution GSM/GPRS handled terminals and Geographical Positioning System (GPS) vehicles along with our distribution experience gives us an edge to deliver goods as in-time.

Our agile approcah helps in delivering high volumes during peak season, speed to market for new products, feedback time for quality issues, and responsiveness to market niches.

Our solutions include:

  • Full Load Transportation
  • Pallet or Part Load Services
  • National distribution services
  • Express & Time Critical Services
  • Crane and Specialist loading
  • Off loading services
  • Trunking services
  • Small parcel deliveries
  • Unpacked product handling.


  • Reduce the duration of outages
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of deliveries
  • Reduce crew patrol and drive times through GPS based monitoring
  • Improve the operational efeciency
  • Effectively utilize resources between operating regions.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Provide customers with more accurate estimated delivery times.
  • Improve service reliability by tracking all vehicles, real time updation of records determining electrical configurations of every device on every feeder, and compiling details about each restoration process.