Complete multimodal logistics solutions

Chetak group has been serving the automotive industry since 1979. A leader in automotive logistics, the group has developed considerable expertise in vehicle distribution. From assembly plants to dealerships, Chetak provides reliable, competitive logistics solutions on behalf of distributors. Chetak is positioned as a key logistics provider in this sector.

  • A recognised logistics integrator

    An expert in automotive logistics, GEFCO designs, optimises and implements logistics plans from production plants or ports to dealerships. The group offers high added-value services for all players involved in automotive distribution, including storage, PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), PPO (Post-Production Operations) and vehicle customisation for dealers.

  • These logistics solutions includes:

    • Multimodal transport from the factory:

      logistics engineering, transport plans, scheduling, supervision, tracking, reporting.

    • Added-value operations at the Chetak site:

      • Vehicle customisation

        (Post-Production Operations): based on rigorous specifications, Chetak carries out added-value operations for car manufacturers: windscreen engraving, installation of fog lamps, alarm systems etc.

      • Vehicle preparation before distribution to the sales network

        (Pre-Delivery Inspection): removing protective covers, washing, cleaning, final quality control.

Custom logistics solutions to improve industrial competitiveness

Chetak operates one of the biggest integrated overland networks. We provide consolidate, full-/part-load transport and customised express delivery services. Anywhere in the world, manufacturers can count on the responsiveness and reliability of an effective land transport network.

  • Industrial competitiveness, at the heart of inbound logistics

    Inbound logistics involves organising supply flows from the suppliers' sites to one or more factories or platforms. For manufacturers, inbound logistics is a major element in competitiveness: it has a decisive impact on the quality and price of the finished product.

    Logistics engineering and the efficiency of the transport network play a major role in optimising these inbound logistics flows.

  • Unique expertise in managing inbound flows

    An expert in automotive logistics and a specialist in inbound flow engineering; the group designs and manages custom solutions to optimise supply flows. Its goal is to control flows in order to guarantee "zero breaks" in the chain and reduce supply costs.

    As a leading global logistics integrator, Chetak puts its expertise and its land transport network at the service of manufacturers.

  • Managing logistics flows from the supplier to the production unit

    To guarantee the best possible management of inbound flows for manufacturers, Chetak provides effective, perfectly orchestrated logistics solutions. From transport plan to container management, these global services optimise operational resources and control costs.

    Chetak’s inbound overland logistics services include three integrated activities:

    • Land transport:

      consolidated, dedicated and part-load transport.

    • Warehouse logistics:

      warehousing, cross-docking operations (value-added operations such as delayed differentiation, just-in-time and lean purchasing), synchronisation, customisation etc. carried out at Chetak’s sites around the world.

Our logistics expertise and experience in managing time-sensitive operations means we can help you manage and optimise your parts supply chain.

In addition to the Inbound and Outbound logistics services, we offer end-to-end parts logistics services to support complex production and after-market parts environments. Our customers include automotive manufacturers, construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers and the mining and construction sectors.

Our vehicle parts logistics services include:

  • International consolidation and deconsolidation centres for parts
  • Order and vendor management
  • Distribution including dedicated fleet, ad hoc deliveries, specialised parts delivery and courier delivery
  • Road, rail, sea and air transportation management
  • returns management
  • Inbound component logistics for manufacturing including sequence deliveries, Just In Time (JIT), Kanban and schedule
  • Logistics network design and optimisation
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